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Winter STEM Activities for 1st Grade

Try these winter STEM activities for 1st grade and foster a love of STEM education starting as early as 1st grade!

These creative STEM activities for kids are the perfect way to start introducing STEM Activities for 1st Grade and building scientific understanding in the youngest of children. Add these 1st grade winter activities to your winter STEM activities for kids!

Try these winter STEM activities for 1st grade and foster a love of STEM education starting as early as 1st grade!

Before getting started with the winter STEM activities for 1st grade listed below, read a bit about why we love STEM activities in first grade and make sure your home or classroom is stocked with the right STEM supplies for these winter STEM activities!

Easy Winter STEM Activities for 1st Grade

Winter STEM activities for 1st grade may not seem incredibly important at first- at least not when compared with basic math and reading skills.

But, STEM education is incredibly valuable even in first grade.

winter stem projects for 1st grade

STEM teaches the basics of science, technology, engineering, and math to kids, but it also shows children how everything they learn can work together as a single entity to help solve real-world problems.

Almost all careers today (even art and music) require the use of some STEM aspects in the day-to-day operation of that career.

STEM education also gives children a foundation for solving problems using logic and creativity, which is vital for success in academics and the career world.

Winter STEM Extensions for 1st Grade

winter stem challenges for 1st grade

Winter STEM extensions can cover a lot of ground in first grade. You can use most of these lessons to teach first graders about almost any scientific concept.

However, the winter season is a good time to introduce concepts on climate, habitats, seasons, the earth’s structure and rotation, and weather.

I always like to use fun winter themes to illustrate these concepts in the winter!

Don’t miss using the January STEAM pack and the February STEAM pack to make your winter STEM lesson planning a cinch!

Each activity pack comes with 8 complete lesson plans.

Winter STEM Supply List

Make sure your STEM classroom is stocked with these winter STEM activity supplies!

Kids will have a lot of fun trying out these 1st grade winter STEM activities.

winter stem challenge cards

Winter STEM for First Grade

All of the activities on this list are STEM activities, with applicaitons in multiple STEM disciplines in each activity, but I’ve sorted them below by the main focus of the activity.

The winter math activity section has specific winter-themed math activities that are independent from the other winter STEM activities.

winter stem activities for 1st grade

Winter Science Activities for 1st grade

First graders will love these winter science activities. Try just one or two, or spend an entire month doing these fun winter science activities!

These must-try ice experiments all include icy science themes that first graders will love.

This oil and water experiment explores how freezing ice and oil changes its interaction.

Try the Snow Storm in a Jar Science Fair Project either in the classroom or as a science project!

First graders will love completing this Ice Cream in a Bag Science Experiment.

Winter Technology Activities for 1st grade

first grade winter stem activities

Technology is used for all kinds of things, including these fun winter technology activities that 1st graders will love!

You can also explore other ways to use technology in these winter science experiments.

Use technology online to Design a digital snow person.

Design a new way to catch snowflakes to examine them up close.

First graders will love this activity to Explore where its snowing with Google Maps.

Winter Engineering Activities for 1st grade

Put your thinking caps on and try these winter engineering activities!

First graders will love learning How to Make a Magnifying Glass- from ICE!

Did you know you can Make Instant Ice in 5 Seconds? Follow these directions to learn how!

Make Your Own Snow Globe and become a design expert.

Desgin your own winter slime using prescribed materials.

Winter Math Activities for 1st Grade

1st grade math is fun with these winter math activities for first graders! You can do these math activities alone or as part of a larger STEM project.

This Winter math packet contains fun winter-themed math activities for first graders.

Try the Snowball fight math game especailly if you can’t get outside to play in snow!

First grade teachers will love these simple Winter math pages.

Try these easy Winter math activities with your first graders for extra practice.

winter stem challenge cards

More Winter STEM Activities for Kids

Winter Science Experiments

Fun Winter Science Experiments in Jars

Instant Ice Experiments

Winter Books for Kids

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