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No-Prep STEM Activities that Kids LOVE!

You’re a busy teacher (or parent) and you just don’t have time to spend hours prepping your STEM lessons every week! Lucky for you, we have a list of no-prep STEM activities right here that will help save your time and sanity in and out of the classroom.

So keep scrolling and get ready to find something else to do with your time after grabbing these low-prep STEM activity ideas!

And when you have a bit more time, don’t forget to check out our complete list of STEM activities for kids, easy STEM activities for elementary, STEM activities for kindergarten, and STEM projects for toddlers!

This list of no-prep STEM activities right here that will help save your time and sanity in and out of the classroom.

How No-Prep are These STEM Activities, Really?

These STEM activities for kids are about as no-prep as you can get. Most of the supplies required for these hands-on STEM activities are things you already have in the classroom.

And when you use our STEM challenge worksheet, you can save even more time in planning. Just print the worksheet, gather the supplies, and go!

Most of these low-prep STEM activities are child-led, which means the children are responsible for thinking of a solution to a problem.

Use these no-prep STEM activities to offer stem challenges about the weather, earth science, chemistry, engineering, math, physics, light, and coding.

STEM extension worksheets

How to do the No-Prep STEM Activities

no prep science experiments

For maximum benefit, you can create a scenario ahead of time that the kids can use their STEM activity to create a solution to. For example, kids could do the walking rainbow in a jar activity as a solution for how to get water from a low area to a high area, as might be required on certain farms.

Kids can do the paper airplane design challenge as an answer to the problem of what is the most aerodynamic shape for a real plane design.

Think of a problem, offer the no-prep STEM challenges as a solution, and let the kids solve the problems on their own. Since these are open-ended STEM challenges, kids can come up with their own answers.

elementary stem challenge cards

The Complete List of No-Prep STEM Activities

Don’t have time for extended lesson planning? Try one of these low-prep STEM activities with your class!

This list of no-prep STEM activities right here that will help save your time and sanity in and out of the classroom.

No-Prep Weather STEM Activities

These STEM activities are all about weather.

Walking Rainbow in a Jar

Learn about capillary action with just water, food coloring, and paper towels.

Snowstorm in a Jar

Make your own snow storm in a jar and learn about weather patterns.

Cloud in a Jar

Learn about the water cycle and make your own cloud in a jar.

Raining Rainbow in a Jar

Learn how clouds work when you make a raining rainbow in a jar.

No-Prep Earth Science STEM Activities

Make earth science fun with these STEM activities.

Salt Crystal Dinosaurs

Learn about salt crystals and ionic bonds when making salt crystal dinosaurs.

Testing the Strength of Spaghetti

All you need for this STEM challenge is spaghetti!

Hot and Cold Temperature Density Tower

Food coloring and water is all that is needed to make this density tower.

Tornado in a Jar

A tornado in a jar is one of the easiest STEM challenges to complete!

Saltwater Desalinization Experiment

See if you can remove salt from water and make it drinkable!

No-Prep Chemistry STEM Activities

no prep steam activities

Solve the problems of the world with chemistry!

Classic Borax Slime

If you have glue and borax, you can make this slime!

Rainbow Naked Egg Experiment

Vinegar and eggs are all that are needed to make this no-prep STEM activity.

Sugar Crystals in a Jar

With jars and sugar, you can learn about crystals and ionic bonds.

Magnesium Slime

Did you know that you can use magnesium to make polymer chains?

Make Your Own Bouncy Ball

Kids will love this low-prep STEM challenge activity making their own bouncy balls.

No-Prep Engineering STEM Activities

Nothing beats a classic engineering STEM challenge!

Egg Drop STEM Challenge

Protect eggs and learn about packaging design.

Cotton Swab Engineering Challenge

Use cotton swabs as building materials and recreate landmark bridges.

Paper Airplane Engineering Challenge

What is the best design for an airplane?

No-Prep Physics STEM Activities

low prep stem activities

Explore global physics with these activities!

Surface Tension Milk Experiment

All it takes is some milk, food coloring, and soap to complete this no-prep STEM challenge.

Cartesian Diver STEM Activity

Learn about cartesian divers using a ketchup packet and plastic water bottle.

Liquid Density Tower

If you have a few common household materials lying around, you can make this liquid density tower.

No-Prep Light STEM Activities

Play with light in these no-prep STEM activities.

Bending Pencil Light Refraction Experiment

All you need is a pencil and a jar to learn about light refraction.

How to Use Squishy Circuits

This electrical engineering STEM challenge uses Squishy Circuits!

Flashlight Constellations

Make your own constellations using paper and a flashlight.

No-Prep Math Activities

no prep stem projects

Try these fun STEM-inspired math challenges!

Uno Math Game

If you have a deck of Uno cards, you can play this math game.

What is a Mobius Strip

Making a Mobius strip requires one piece of paper!

3D Geometry Challenge

Use Geomotiles to create 3D geometry shapes.

Multiplication Dice Game

With dice, you can practice multiplication.

Math Fraction Art

Fractions can become art in this no-prep STEM challenge.

Dice Probability Game

Learn about probability with a Venn diagram and a dice!

No-Prep Coding Activities for Kids

Nothing says STEM activities like coding, and these coding activities require almost zero prep from you.

Coding Apps for Kids

These coding apps require no input from a teacher or parent.

Ozobot Evo Coding Ideas

Use these ready-to-go coding ideas for an Ozobot Evo.

Binary Secret Message Coding Bracelets

If you have beads, you can create the secret message coding STEM challenge.

STEM extension worksheets

What are your favorite no-prep STEM challenges?

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