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Adorable and Sweet Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Activities

Make Valentine’s Day special and educational for your toddlers and preschoolers with these Valentine’s Day fine motor activities! Kids will love them as part of their Valentine’s Day STEM activities. Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, love, and candy, if you’re a kid. While candy is nice, I don’t like just giving candy to my kids on Valentine’s Day. I like to celebrate the day in an educational way with Valentines Day activities and Valentines day ideas for learning, especially for younger kids with activities like the valentine fine motor activity ideas in this collection!

Make Valentine's Day special and educational for your toddlers and preschoolers with these Valentine's Day fine motor activities! Kids will love them!

This Valentine’s Day, I’ll be trying some of these Valentine’s Day fine motor activities with my preschooler.

She’ll have a blast, eat less candy, and learn something all at the same time.

That is the kind of fun Valentine’s Day fine motor activities filled with hands-on education we like here at STEAMsational!

Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Preschoolers will love these adorable and sweet Valentine fine motor activities!

These Valentine’s Day fine motor activities for 4-year-olds are the ultimate way to practice fine motor skills in February.

Teaching Resources for Valentine’s Day

Here are some fun STEM teaching resources for Valentine’s Day that you can use in the classroom.

Browse the entire category of Valentine’s Day classroom supplies here or grab some of my Valentine’s Day favorites from the list below.

valentine build a bot

Love Bot Science Bots

learning resources pumping heart model

Pumping Heart Model

edible candy food science chemistry kit

Candy Chemistry Science Lab

yumology sweets lab candy science

Yumology Candy Science Kit

glowing candy lab science kit

Glowing Candy Lab Science Kit

exploding candy lab science kit

Exploding Candy Lab Science Kit

chemistreats classroom science valentine gifts

Chemistreats Classroom Candy Science Kits

lolipop lab science kit

Lollipop Lab Candy Science Kit

candy vending machine stem kit

Candy Vending Machine

candy perfume lab science kit

Candy Perfume Science Lab

lego roses

LEGO Roses

plasma heart

Plasma Heart

cross section heart model

Cross Section Heart Model

lego flower bouquet

LEGO Flower Bouquet

lego valentine heart bear

LEGO Valentine Heart Bear

cute valentine building block bears

Valentine Building Block Bears

valentine teddy bear kit

Valentine Bear Building Kit

clockwork heart building kit

Clockwork Heart Building Kit

lego friends flower and chocolate box

LEGO Friends Flower and Chocolate Kit

valentine lego card swans

LEGO Pop up Valentine Card with Swans

lego love birds

LEGO Love Bird Building Set

building brick lego candy shop

Building Brick Candy Shop

lego valentine wreath

LEGO Valentine Wreath

Valentine’s Day Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

There are a lot of ways to play with preschoolers and these Valentine’s Day fine motor activities. Valentines day fine motor activities build essential valentines day fine motor skills in preschoolers that they can use to write and think better as they get older!

Practice fine motor skills by carefully dragging the heart magnet to the top of the Valentine discovery bottle without letting go! This is one of our favorite valentines fine motor activities.

Practice squeezing and precision in this fun Valentines day baking soda science activity for toddlers!

valentine stem challenges

Toddlers and preschoolers will love slipping beads onto bracelets to make secret love valentine coding bracelets. Fine motor learning and fun, too!

Kids can practice their fine motor skills when making this Valentines Heart Mobile.

Classroom Valentines from Teachers to Kids

Your students will love any of these creative classroom valentines for kids from their teacher!

printable valentines for kids tea party

Printable Tea Pun Valentines that Kids Will Love

If you want the best non-candy valentine for kids, look no further than these zoo printable valentines for kids! Kids will love these punny valentines that include a toy zoo animal with every valentine.

Zoo You Want to Be My Valentine Zoo Printable Valentines

If you need a creative and boy-friendly valentine, these army men printable valentines are the perfect non-candy valentines for your son's classroom! #valentinesday #printablevalentines #valentines #kidsvalentines

Army Men Printable Valentines for Kids

stem valentines for kids

Printable STEM Valentines for Kids

kid friendly valentines for classmates

Ingenious School Valentines Ideas For Classmates

STEM valentines celebrate the science side of Valentine's Day! These printable STEM valentines are the perfect class valentine for scence-loving kiddos.

Magic Erupting Color Reveal Science Valentines for Kids

chemistry valentines puns

Printable Punny Chemistry Valentines for Kids

Love Valentine's Day? You'll love these adorable printable heart non-candy LEGO valentines perfect for classroom parties or just for fun!

Printable LEGO Valentines for Aspiring Engineers!

fidget transformers valentines gift

Fidget Transformers

invisible ink classroom valentines

Invisible Ink Classroom Valentines

classroom valentine building kits

Classroom Valentine Food Building Valentines

parachute classroom valentines

Parachute Classroom Valentines

valentine build a bot

Valentine Love Bot Valentines

science volcano valenitnes

Classroom Valentines Erupting Volcano Science

valentine stem robot kit

Classroom STEM Robot Building Kit

classroom fuse bead valentines

Classroom Fuse Bead Valentines

maze classroom valentines

Maze Classroom Valentines

paper airplane classroom valentines

Paper Plane Classroom Valentines

valentine stem kit for classroom

Classroom Valentine STEM Kits

flower building classroom valentines

Flower Building Classroom Valentines

valentines day appliance building blocks for classroom

Valentines Day Appliance Building Block Valentines

building animal classroom valentines

Animal Building Classroom Valentines

Help children boost fine motor skills and make decorations for Valentine’s Day at the same time. Cardboard Lacing Heart cards are always a hit with the kids!

Stack heart-shaped noodles in this fun Heart Themed Fine Motor Practice activity.

Make a Valentines Day Bead Busy Bag that will keep children occupied for hours this Valentine’s Day!

toddler valentine activities

Learn counting skills and fine motor skills for Valentine’s Day at the same time in this adorable Heart Counting and Threading Activity.

Valentine Science Books and More!

These fun Valentine’s Day Books for kids will teach kids about the science around Valentine’s Day, the history of the holiday, and a whole lot more!

the calendar kids meet february book

The Calendar Kids Meet February Book

valentines day math workbook

Valentines Day Math Workbook

in my heart a book of feelings

In My Heart a Book of Feelings

i love you around the world coloring kit

I Love You Around the World Valentine Coloring Book

valentine activity book

Valentine Activity Book

candy bites the science of sweets book

Candy Bites the Science of Sweets

holidays around the world valentines day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Holidays Around the World

valentines day coloring book for kids

Valentine’s Day Coloring Book

hear your heart science book for kids

Hear Your Heart Science Book

cadiology for kids book

Cardiology for Kids Book

valentines day riddles book

Valentine’s Day Riddle Book

lego valentines day fun

Build Valentine’s Day Fun with LEGO

Who doesn’t love smashing candy? Kids won’t know they are building vital pre-reading and writing skills when they do the Candy Heart Breaking Fine Motor Activity.

This Valentines Day Fine Motor Sparkle Craft is so, so cute and it builds fine motor skills at the same time!

Practice those scissor skills making valentines with Valentine’s Day Scissor Cutting Practice.

Transfer hearts from one container to another using tweezers to build hand strength with this Valentine Fine Motor Transfer Activity

Make a Valentines Heart Fizzy Painting perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Punch out an edge on a heart using a hole punch! Kids will have a blast with Valentine’s Fine Motor Practice Hearts.

Classroom-Friendly Valentine Shirts

I love wearing fun Valentine-themed shirts in the classroom during February. Here are a few of my favorite Valentine Shirts for Teachers.

be kind valentine teacher shirt

Be Kind Valentine Teacher Shirt

i love you sign language shirt valentines day

I Love You Sign Language Teacher Shirt

kindness teacher valentine day shirt

Kindness Teacher Valentines Day Shirt

heart teacher valentine earrings

Wood Heart Earrings for Valentine’s Day

teaching sweethearts valentine teacher shirt

Teaching Sweethearts Valentine’s Day Teacher Shirt

my class is full of sweethearts teacher shirt

My Class is Full of Sweethearts Teacher Valentine’s Day Shirt

heart tie dye shirt valentines day teacher shirt

Tie Dye Heart Shirt for Teachers

love all day every day teacher shirt

Love All Day Every Day Teacher Valentine’s Day Shirt

painted heart valentines day shirt

Painted Heart Valentine’s Day Shirt for Teachers

heart fraction math teacher shirt

Heart Fractions Math Teacher Valentine’s Day Shirt

heart penguin earrings for teachers

Penguin Heart Teacher Earrings

valentine alphabet teacher shirt

Valentine Alphabet Teacher Shirt

valentine note earrings for teachers

Heart Envelope Valentine Earrings

love sign language teacher shirt

ASL Sign Language Love Valentine ASL Teacher Shirt

all we need is love teacher shirt globe

All We Need is Love Globe Shirt

valentine kittens teacher shirt

Valentines Cats T Shirt

chemistry valentines teacher shirt science teacher

Valentine Elements Chemistry Teacher Shirt

sped valentine inclusioin shirt

Valentine SPED Teacher Inclusion Valentine’s Day Teaching Shirt

teacher conversation hearts shirt

Teaching Valentine Conversation Hearts Shirt for Valentine’s Day

this teacher loves her kids valentine shirt

This Teacher Loves Her Students Valentine’s Day Shirt

dinosaur love teacher shirt valentines day

Valentine Dinosaur Love Valentine’s Day Shirt for Teachers

Wearing a fun shirt, decorating the classroom with red and pink decorations, and doing other fun Valentine’s Day activities will make Valentine’s Day about more than just cardboard Valentines and candy.

Use a pom pom to create a Valentine Pom Pom Painting. Precision is essential during fine motor practice.

Easy Marble Painted Valentine Heart is the perfect Valentine for toddlers to make for parents and friends.

valentine toddler activities
valentine fine motor practice

Make this adorable Valentine Themed Button Snake and practice threading and weaving.

Learning how to glue is an important skill for preschoolers and toddlers. Practice those skills with this Valentines Day Fine Motor Glueing activity.

valentine stem challenges

Nothing says Valentine’s Day love like straws! Especially when they are used to make Valentine’s Day Straw Art heart stamps.

Find the Letter Heart Activity using paperclips! Kids will have tons of fun with this simple activity.

Roll the dice and practice wrist-strengthening activities. Roll to Fill the Hearts for Valentine’s fine motor fun!

Valentine Classroom Decorations

Add some Valentine’s Day festivities and flair to your classroom with these classroom decorations for Valentine’s Day!

valentine vibes classroom door decoration

Valentine’s Day Door Decorating Kit

love letter garland decoration

Love Letter Garland

valentines day classroom door tissue paper door decoration

Tissue Paper Classroom Valentine’s Door Decorations

valentines day window clings for classroom

Valentine’s Day Classroom Window Clings

happy valentines day classroom door decorating kit

Valentine Letters Classroom Door Decorations

valentine party classroom decor kit

Valentine’s Day Classroom Decorating Kit

our class is sweet classroom decorations

Our Class is Sweet Cupcake Valentine’s Day Classroom Decorating Kit

our love for learning grows classroom decoration

Our Love for Learning Grows and Grows Classroom Decorations

a class full of sweethearts valentines day decorating kit

A Class Full of Sweethearts Classroom Decorations for Valentine’s Day

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