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12 Sticky Hearts: Slime Valentine Printable Ideas for the Classroom!

Designed with elementary and middle school students in mind, our vibrant collection of Valentine-themed slime activities complete with slime valentine printable ideas, can provide students with a playful and hands-on exploration of chemistry and creativity. As part of Valentine’s Day STEM activities, making slime can be a fun project to play with but also provides a lot of science for kids to learn!

In the classroom, teachers can bring in slime printables to captivate students’ attention, turning a typical Valentine’s Day celebration into an interactive and educational experience.

Tailored for specific age groups, these Valentine slime printables foster a sense of curiosity and wonder, making learning a memorable adventure.

So many slime valentine printable ideas! Printables designed for elementary and middle school students. This vibrant collection of Valentine-themed slime activities engages learners in playful and hands-on exploration, combining education with Valentine's Day.

Whether it’s measuring ingredients or observing chemical reactions, students embark on a journey that seamlessly integrates fun with foundational STEM concepts.

So, take a look at the following valentine slime printable ideas and watch as your classroom transforms into a hub of excitement, curiosity, and slime-filled learning!

Sticky Hearts: Slime Valentine Card Free Printable

This vibrant collection of Valentine-themed slime activities engages learners in playful and hands-on exploration, combining education with hands-on fun.

Teachers can transform the classroom into an interactive and educational space during Valentine’s Day celebrations. As students dive into colorful concoctions, they not only experience the joy of crafting but also gain insights into the scientific principles behind slime formation.

Tailored for specific age groups, these printables foster curiosity, creating a memorable adventure that seamlessly integrates fun with foundational STEM concepts.

So let’s get started making valentine slime!

Classroom-Friendly Valentine Shirts

I love wearing fun Valentine-themed shirts in the classroom during February. Here are a few of my favorite Valentine Shirts for Teachers.

be kind valentine teacher shirt

Be Kind Valentine Teacher Shirt

i love you sign language shirt valentines day

I Love You Sign Language Teacher Shirt

kindness teacher valentine day shirt

Kindness Teacher Valentines Day Shirt

heart teacher valentine earrings

Wood Heart Earrings for Valentine’s Day

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Teaching Sweethearts Valentine’s Day Teacher Shirt

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My Class is Full of Sweethearts Teacher Valentine’s Day Shirt

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Tie Dye Heart Shirt for Teachers

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Love All Day Every Day Teacher Valentine’s Day Shirt

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Painted Heart Valentine’s Day Shirt for Teachers

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Heart Fractions Math Teacher Valentine’s Day Shirt

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Penguin Heart Teacher Earrings

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Valentine Alphabet Teacher Shirt

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Heart Envelope Valentine Earrings

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ASL Sign Language Love Valentine ASL Teacher Shirt

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All We Need is Love Globe Shirt

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Valentines Cats T Shirt

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Valentine Elements Chemistry Teacher Shirt

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Valentine SPED Teacher Inclusion Valentine’s Day Teaching Shirt

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Teaching Valentine Conversation Hearts Shirt for Valentine’s Day

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This Teacher Loves Her Students Valentine’s Day Shirt

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Valentine Dinosaur Love Valentine’s Day Shirt for Teachers

Wearing a fun shirt, decorating the classroom with red and pink decorations, and doing other fun Valentine’s Day activities will make Valentine’s Day about more than just cardboard Valentines and candy.

The Science of Slime

The science journey of slime begins with understanding polymers, the long chains that give slime its unique stretchy texture.

As students mix ingredients, they witness chemical reactions that form cross-links, transforming a gooey mixture into a cohesive and satisfying slime. This hands-on experimentation fosters a deeper comprehension of molecular interactions, encouraging an early grasp of complex scientific concepts.

Furthermore, the printables seamlessly integrate math skills as students measure and mix precise quantities of ingredients. This mathematical precision plays a crucial role in achieving the perfect slime consistency, adding an extra layer of educational depth to the slime-making process.

By observing cause-and-effect relationships in the slime-making process, students develop critical thinking skills, setting the stage for future scientific exploration.

As the slime concoction transforms from a mere mixture to a fascinating polymer masterpiece, students not only witness the magic but actively participate in the creation of chemical bonds.

This engagement fosters a sense of ownership and curiosity, encouraging them to ask questions like, “What happens if I add more of this ingredient?” or “Why does it feel different when I stretch it?”

With the help of these slime valentine printable sets, children can become young scientists, unlocking the secrets of molecular structures and chemical reactions.

Valentine Science Books and More!

These fun Valentine’s Day Books for kids will teach kids about the science around Valentine’s Day, the history of the holiday, and a whole lot more!

the calendar kids meet february book

The Calendar Kids Meet February Book

valentines day math workbook

Valentines Day Math Workbook

in my heart a book of feelings

In My Heart a Book of Feelings

i love you around the world coloring kit

I Love You Around the World Valentine Coloring Book

valentine activity book

Valentine Activity Book

candy bites the science of sweets book

Candy Bites the Science of Sweets

holidays around the world valentines day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Holidays Around the World

valentines day coloring book for kids

Valentine’s Day Coloring Book

hear your heart science book for kids

Hear Your Heart Science Book

cadiology for kids book

Cardiology for Kids Book

valentines day riddles book

Valentine’s Day Riddle Book

lego valentines day fun

Build Valentine’s Day Fun with LEGO

Essential Supplies for these Slime Valentine Printable Resource

Opting for environmentally-friendly alternatives instead of creating individual worksheets for each class offers not only cost savings but also effective time management.

valentine stem challenges

Valentine Classroom Decorations

Add some Valentine’s Day festivities and flair to your classroom with these classroom decorations for Valentine’s Day!

valentine vibes classroom door decoration

Valentine’s Day Door Decorating Kit

love letter garland decoration

Love Letter Garland

valentines day classroom door tissue paper door decoration

Tissue Paper Classroom Valentine’s Door Decorations

valentines day window clings for classroom

Valentine’s Day Classroom Window Clings

happy valentines day classroom door decorating kit

Valentine Letters Classroom Door Decorations

valentine party classroom decor kit

Valentine’s Day Classroom Decorating Kit

our class is sweet classroom decorations

Our Class is Sweet Cupcake Valentine’s Day Classroom Decorating Kit

our love for learning grows classroom decoration

Our Love for Learning Grows and Grows Classroom Decorations

a class full of sweethearts valentines day decorating kit

A Class Full of Sweethearts Classroom Decorations for Valentine’s Day

Remember, preparation is key; check your supplies in advance to avoid any hiccups during the creative process. Now, armed with both cost-effective and readily available materials, you’re ready to dive into a mess of educational slime fun!

valentine stem calendar

Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day for Kids

Did you know that the first recorded mention of slime dates back to the early 1700s?

Valentine’s Day also has its roots in ancient Rome! The holiday is believed to have originated from the Roman festival Lupercalia, which was celebrated in mid-February. During this festival, young men would draw the names of young women from a container, and they would then be paired together for the duration of the festival, often leading to marriages.

Over time, Lupercalia merged with Christian traditions, and by the Middle Ages, the idea of romantic love became associated with this day. So, the next time you celebrate Valentine’s Day, remember that its history is a fascinating blend of ancient customs and romantic traditions!

Fun Facts about Slime

Fun Valentine's Day slime printables for kids! This colorful selection of slime activities with a Valentine's Day theme encourages students to explore in a fun and interactive way while combining learning with fun.

Ever wondered what gives slime its squishy texture? It’s the magic of polymers! The long chains formed during the slime-making process create a unique, stretchy consistency that’s both fascinating and satisfying to touch.

Let’s not forget the sensory delight! The tactile experience of playing with slime enhances sensory learning, promoting spatial awareness and fine motor skills. Students don’t just create; they engage in a sensory exploration that makes STEM concepts more tangible and memorable.

STEM Extensions for Slime Valentine Printable Ideas

Have students experiment with different food coloring or pigment additions to observe how it affects the color and appearance of their slime.

This extension introduces elements of chemistry, allowing students to understand the science behind color changes in materials.

Have students measure and record the properties of their slime, such as stretchiness, bounciness, and stickiness.

Then, facilitate discussions on how different ingredient quantities or types impact these properties, promoting critical thinking and data analysis skills.

Transform the classroom into a slime engineering lab! Task students with creating a slime that meets specific criteria, such as being stretchy, moldable, and bouncy.

This extension adds an engineering component, prompting students to think critically about the design and functionality of their slime.

Implement interactive science journals where students document their slime-making process, observations, and reflections.

Explore the states of matter by discussing how slime transitions between solid and liquid states.

This extension facilitates discussions about the properties of solids and liquids, introducing scientific concepts in a hands-on and memorable way.

Explore the impact of temperature on slime properties. Have students make slime in varying temperature conditions and observe how it affects its consistency and behavior. This extension introduces discussions on heat energy and its influence on the physical properties of materials.

Investigate the physics of slime by exploring its behavior under different forces. Students can observe how slime reacts to stretching, squeezing, and dropping, introducing concepts of elasticity, viscosity, and force.

Classroom Valentines from Teachers to Kids

Your students will love any of these creative classroom valentines for kids from their teacher!

printable valentines for kids tea party

Printable Tea Pun Valentines that Kids Will Love

If you want the best non-candy valentine for kids, look no further than these zoo printable valentines for kids! Kids will love these punny valentines that include a toy zoo animal with every valentine.

Zoo You Want to Be My Valentine Zoo Printable Valentines

If you need a creative and boy-friendly valentine, these army men printable valentines are the perfect non-candy valentines for your son's classroom! #valentinesday #printablevalentines #valentines #kidsvalentines

Army Men Printable Valentines for Kids

stem valentines for kids

Printable STEM Valentines for Kids

kid friendly valentines for classmates

Ingenious School Valentines Ideas For Classmates

STEM valentines celebrate the science side of Valentine's Day! These printable STEM valentines are the perfect class valentine for scence-loving kiddos.

Magic Erupting Color Reveal Science Valentines for Kids

chemistry valentines puns

Printable Punny Chemistry Valentines for Kids

Love Valentine's Day? You'll love these adorable printable heart non-candy LEGO valentines perfect for classroom parties or just for fun!

Printable LEGO Valentines for Aspiring Engineers!

fidget transformers valentines gift

Fidget Transformers

invisible ink classroom valentines

Invisible Ink Classroom Valentines

classroom valentine building kits

Classroom Valentine Food Building Valentines

parachute classroom valentines

Parachute Classroom Valentines

valentine build a bot

Valentine Love Bot Valentines

science volcano valenitnes

Classroom Valentines Erupting Volcano Science

valentine stem robot kit

Classroom STEM Robot Building Kit

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Classroom Fuse Bead Valentines

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Maze Classroom Valentines

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Paper Plane Classroom Valentines

valentine stem kit for classroom

Classroom Valentine STEM Kits

flower building classroom valentines

Flower Building Classroom Valentines

valentines day appliance building blocks for classroom

Valentines Day Appliance Building Block Valentines

building animal classroom valentines

Animal Building Classroom Valentines

More Valentine Slime Printable Fun!

Here are some more fun valentine activities for kids!

valentine stem challenges

15 Slime Valentine Printables for the Classroom

Use these Valentine's Day slime printables to round out your STEM and STEAM activities during February. Embrace the controlled chaos of the science of slime and bring festive flair into your science lab!

With these extensions for each slime valentine printable, educators can effortlessly bring joy to the classroom, fostering a positive learning atmosphere while reinforcing fundamental STEM concepts.

Teaching Resources for Valentine’s Day

Here are some fun STEM teaching resources for Valentine’s Day that you can use in the classroom.

Browse the entire category of Valentine’s Day classroom supplies here or grab some of my Valentine’s Day favorites from the list below.

valentine build a bot

Love Bot Science Bots

learning resources pumping heart model

Pumping Heart Model

edible candy food science chemistry kit

Candy Chemistry Science Lab

yumology sweets lab candy science

Yumology Candy Science Kit

glowing candy lab science kit

Glowing Candy Lab Science Kit

exploding candy lab science kit

Exploding Candy Lab Science Kit

chemistreats classroom science valentine gifts

Chemistreats Classroom Candy Science Kits

lolipop lab science kit

Lollipop Lab Candy Science Kit

candy vending machine stem kit

Candy Vending Machine

candy perfume lab science kit

Candy Perfume Science Lab

lego roses

LEGO Roses

plasma heart

Plasma Heart

cross section heart model

Cross Section Heart Model

lego flower bouquet

LEGO Flower Bouquet

lego valentine heart bear

LEGO Valentine Heart Bear

cute valentine building block bears

Valentine Building Block Bears

valentine teddy bear kit

Valentine Bear Building Kit

clockwork heart building kit

Clockwork Heart Building Kit

lego friends flower and chocolate box

LEGO Friends Flower and Chocolate Kit

valentine lego card swans

LEGO Pop up Valentine Card with Swans

lego love birds

LEGO Love Bird Building Set

building brick lego candy shop

Building Brick Candy Shop

lego valentine wreath

LEGO Valentine Wreath

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