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Winter STEM Activities for 5th Grade

If you’re looking for winter STEM activities for 5th grade, you’ve come to the right place! Fifth-grade winter STEM activities are so much fun to use as a jumping-off point for 5th grade STEM activities!

Keep reading to view the list of winter experiments for 5th grade, but first, check out why we love doing seasonal STEM activities with kids and make sure you have everything you need before you get started with your winter STEM activities for kids!

winter stem experiments for 5th grade

Fun Winter STEM Activities for 5th Grade

The importance of STEM cannot be overstated. There are so many benefits to teaching STEM principles and concepts to kids that go beyond a simple understanding of science and how the world works.

A child who is well-versed in STEM activities, is set up to become an innovator, problem solver, and critical thinker.

Because STEM activities don’t have a “right” answer, children are taught to think critically and discover their own answers through logical exploration and using the resouces at hand.

No matter what career a child goes into as an adult, the skills of logic, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving will help them succeed.

Children who are equipped for the future with tools necesasry to solve their own problems will be stronger, healthier, and more capable adults.

And that is why we love STEM education so much at STEAMsational, for all kids, everywhere!

Winter STEM Extensions for 5th Grade

fifth grade winter stem activities

A STEM activity uses multiple pieces of knowledge that include science, technology, engineering, and math.

A STEM activity takes the skills that a child learns elsewhere and applies them to create a solution for a problem or to learn more about how something works.

During the winter, we like to use STEM activities to learn about things like weather patterns, severe weather, animal habitats and traits, animal life cycles, and solutions to problems like energy efficiency and types of heating.

There is almost no limit to the STEM applications you can apply to winter themes.

Browse our list of winter STEM activity ideas for 5th grade below and choose some to try in your classroom or home this year!

Don’t miss using the January STEAM pack and the February STEAM pack to make your winter STEM lesson planning a cinch!

Each activity pack comes with 8 complete lesson plans.

Winter STEM Activities for 5th Grade Supply List

winter stem challenge cards

You may also want to check out these STEM activities for 5th grade for other fun seasonal activities, too!

Winter STEM Activities for Fifth Grade

All of the activities on this list are STEM activities, with applicaitons in multiple STEM disciplines in each activity, but I’ve sorted them below by the main focus of the activity.

The winter math activity section has specific winter-themed math activities that are independent from the other winter STEM activities.

winter stem challenges for 5th grade

Winter Science Activities for 5th Grade

These fifth grade winter STEM activities will keep your fifth grade students and kiddos busy all season long!

Can You Get Ice to Burn?

Children will apprecaite this fun project where they learn how to get ice to catch fire. It’s not magic, just science!

How Does Frost Form?

Learn how frost forms using a jar.

Super Fast Borax Crystal Snowflakes

It takes just a few minutes to make these beautiful crystal snowflakes!

Must-try ice experiments

These ice science experiments are perfect to try in the fifth grade classroom.

Winter Technology Activities for 5th Grade

How to Make a Magnifying Glass- from ICE

Learn how lenses work to enhance images and where they are used today.

Design a new way to catch snowflakes

Catch the snowflakes and examine them to see what shapes they make.

Explore where its snowing with Google Maps

Estimate where it might be snowing, then go take a closer look and see if you’re right!

Design a digital snowflake

Design your own unique snowflake!

Winter Engineering Activities for 5th Grade

How to Make Hot Ice

Learn about how chemical byproducts can be used to create something magical!

Make Your Own Snowglobe

Design a snowglobe and make your own mini eco-system inside of a snow globe!

Convection Heat Science Experiment

Learn all about the types of heat and when they are best used for different applications.

How to Make Instant Ice in 5 Seconds

It takes a feat of engineering to learn how to get ice to form instantly!

Winter Math Activities for 5th Grade

Winter math for big kids

Big kids want to have fun with math too. And now they can with this math packet!

Penguin grid math

Who says math has to be boring in fifth grade? Not this fun art grid math activity!

Winter fractions and decimals

Learn fractions, decimals, and percents in this fun math packet.

Solve and color holiday math

Math is a lot more fun when color is involved!

winter stem challenge cards

More Winter STEM Activities for Kids

Winter Science Experiments

Fun Winter Science Experiments in Jars

Instant Ice Experiments

Winter Books for Kids

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