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Creative Winter STEM Activities for Middle School

This list of winter stem activities for middle school offers a fun list of middle school winter STEM activities that kids can try in the classroom or at home.

If you are teaching middle school, or have a middle schooler, they will love these middle school STEM activities with a wintery twist! Add these middle school winter projects to your winter STEM activities for kids list! Why leave older kids out of the fun?

20+ hands-on winter STEM activities for middle school! Middle schoolers can do fun seasonal STEM activities, too! Hands-on STEM is fun!

Hands-on Winter STEM Activities for Middle School

This list of winter STEM activities for middle school offers science, technology, engineering, and math problems all with a fun winter twist!

Middle schoolers will love the fun addition of seasonal topics to their STEM lessons.

Winter STEM challenges for middle school give middle school kids the chance to focus on creating solutions to common winter problems.

While STEM in elementary school is all about exploring different scientific concepts and developing a system for solving problems, in middle school, it’s time to start applying that knowledge.

But middle schoolers also like to have fun. Which is why adding a seasonal element is so much fun!

With a bit of imagination, you can create dozens of things your middle schoolers can solve with a winter theme.

Winter STEM Extensions for Middle School

winter stem challenges for middle school

In middle school, STEM is all about creating STEM-based solutions for real-word problems.

Middle schoolers are usually interested in improving the world, as middle school is one of the first times that kids are exposed to widespread environmental and social issues that they were not aware of before.

Kids want to make a differnece and help, which is why middle school STEM activities are so much fun!

Use the winter STEM challenges on this list as a jumping-off point to learn about preventing and preparing for severe weather, how to reduce climate change, how to keep animals and humans safe during winter weather, and how to cut down on energy use while still keeping humans and animals safe.

There is a lot to unpack in middle school STEM, and winter is a fun time to think about creative solutions to winter safety and environmental protection.

Check out the complete list of middle school STEM activities here!

Winter STEM Supply List

winter stem challenge cards

Winter STEM for Middle School

winter stem projects for middle school

All of the activities on this list are STEM activities, with applicaitons in multiple STEM disciplines in each activity, but I’ve sorted them below by the main focus of the activity.

The winter math activity section has specific winter-themed math activities that are independent from the other winter STEM activities.

Winter Science Experiments for Middle School

You can’t beat an old-fashioned middle school science experiment! These experiments all have a wintery twist.

Can You Get Ice to Burn? Learn how in this simple science experiment.

Learn How Does Frost Form in this simple science experiment perfect for curious middle schoolers.

Learn how to make Super Fast Borax Crystal Snowflakes and learn about molecular bonds.

Middle schoolers will also like these must-try ice experiments for winter science experiments!

Winter Technology Activities for Middle School

fun Middle School Winter STEM Activities

Technology is a fun thing to focus on during the winter in middle school. This winter try:

How to Make a Magnifying Glass- from ICE! Kids will get a kick out of the technology behind lenses.

Design a new way to catch snowflakes to examine them.

Explore where its snowing with Google Maps and see who gets the most locations right!

Design a digital snowflake and learn how to use technology to recreate natural occurances in nature.

Winter Engineering Activities for Middle School

Winter engineering is super fun and middle school kids will love these engineering challenges.

Learn How to Make Hot Ice. It will impress even the most jaded middle schooler.

Make Your Own Snowglobe: Fortnite Edition– this snowglobe has every middle schooler’s favorite theme- Fortnite!

Try the Convection Heat Science Experiment and learn about what heating method is most efficient during the winter.

Try this fun experiment on How to Make Instant Ice in 5 Seconds and you’ll start a new trend with the middle school set.

Winter Math Activities for Middle School

These winter math activities for middle school are tons of fun, but also educational!

Middle schoolers will have fun with these winter fractions and decimals problems.

Even middle schoolers will have fun trying these math art challenges.

Winter order of operations are fun to try and make learning the order of operations fun!

Try these fun olympic games winter math challenges with your middle school classroom this year.

winter stem challenge cards

More Winter STEM Activities for Kids

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Instant Ice Experiments

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