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Crazy-Fun Backyard Summer Camp Ideas Chosen by Kids!

So you want to learn how to do summer camp at home. That’s great! Summer camp activities at home are one of our favorite ways to spend time during the summer.

We’ve done summer camps with friends, run summer camps for clubs and after-school programs, done summer camp in the backyard with our family, and hosted virtual summer camps for kids around the world!

Today, we’re sharing some of kids’ favorite backyard summer camp ideas.

You can host your own summer camp! These backyard summer camp ideas give you over 20 kid-approved, crazy-fun summer camp activities for kids.

What You Need to Make a Backyard Summer Camp

Before you set up a backyard summer camp, you’ll need to make sure you have these summer camp supplies on hand! These Amazon affiliate links make it easy to see what you may be missing.

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Backyard Summer Camp Ideas for a Memorable Summer

If you’re planning to make a summer camp in the backyard this year, whether with friends, with your own kids, or as part of a summer camp program, you’ll love the ideas for backyard summer camp on this list!

I’ve included ideas for backyard summer camp crafts, backyard summer camp games, backyard summer camp snacks, and backyard summer camp science experiments.

Backyard Summer Camp Science Activities

You can’t go wrong making a Baking Soda Volcano Science Experiment. Kids love this one!

For messy science, kids will love making this Galaxy Oobleck.

No backyard summer camp is complete without making a slime recipe! This non-sticky slime recipe is perfect for a summer camp.

Try this experiment learning How to Turn a Penny Green!

While you’re outside, make these amazing Exploding Paint Rockets with Film Canisters for explosive, colorful science!

Today, we're sharing some of kids' favorite backyard summer camp ideas.  Over 20 backyard summer camp activity ideas for all kids of tastes!

Backyard Summer Camp Crafts

What says summer more than space? This salt dough solar system project is a perfect summer camp craft.

Find even more Outer Space Crafts here.

These Duct Tape Emoji Bookmarks are a super fun craft that kids will love making at camp.

If your backyard camp has an ocean theme, this Narwhal Craft is the perfect craft to try!

These Unicorn Crafts will make any unicorn-loving kids happy at summer camp!

Make a galaxy iar experiment and light up those summer nights!

Backyard Summer Camp Games

You’ll definitely want to try this watermelon speed spitting game as part of your backyard camp games!

These STEM Minute to Win It Games are perfect for summer camp!

Get 175 camp game ideas here!

If you do any camp activities at night, this glow in the dark capture the flag will be a huge hit!

Backyard Summer Camp Snacks

Who wouldn’t love to make this color-changing lemonade for both a tasty snack and a science experiment at the same time? Watch the video below to learn how!

Of course you have to make Ice Cream in a Bag at your summer camp!

If you’re doing a science-themed backyard camp, you’ll want to make these edible petri dish bacteria!

This Sugar Crystal Science Experiment is not only science-themed, but it also makes delicious rock candy!

Here are 24 more summer camp snack ideas to try!

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