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Screen-Free Activities for Kids They’ll Want to Try Over and Over

These screen-free activities for kids provide an easy list of ideas to make your kids’ childhood magical and screen-free. These ideas are perfect for summer fun, screen-free week, or any time you want to reduce screen time.

Try these screen-free activities whenever your kids complain of insane boredom or when your kids have had just too much screen time. It’s the perfect way to make your summer a bit more active.

Looking for educational screen-free activities for kids? These scree-free activity ideas are perfect for adding a bit of educational fun to your day.

101+ Easy Screen-Free Activities for Kids They’ll Want to Try Over and Over

Try these amazing screen-free activities with your kids!

Screen-Free Activities for Toddlers

It only takes a few household supplies to set up this magnifying glass discovery activity for preschoolers! The perfect no-prep STEM activity for preschool!

If you can’t take one more episode of Daniel Tiger, try these screen-free activity ideas for toddlers.

Fine Motor Bead Necklaces

Animal Diet Classification

Instant Yoga

Hand and Foot Tracing

Button Color Sorting

Flower Dissection

Color Identification Activity

Magnifying Glass Discovery Tray

Emotion Discovery Activity

Cutting Paper Activity

Hidden Picture Busy Bag

Color Mixing Flower

Screen-Free Summer Activities

Looking for educational screen-free activities for kids? These scree-free activity ideas are perfect for adding a bit of educational fun to your day.

Try these screen-free summer activities for three months of summer fun!

Patriotic Paint Bombs

Confetti Fireworks

Patriotic Balloon Painting

Colorful Sand Paintings

Summer Skies Flashlight Constellations

Summer Skies Marshmallow Constellations

Summer Nature Walk

Aquarium I Spy

Super-Easy Flag Craft

American Flag Surprise Cake

Art Projects for Kids

hedgehog art feature

Arts and craft activities provide hours of screen-free fun.

Hedgehog Fan Craft

Edible Kid Food Art

Math Fraction Art

Tissue Paper Hats

Polymer Clay Frogs

Perler Bead Dragon

Harry Potter-Inspired Wands

Fairy Wands

Chenille Stem Sloths

Egg Crate Flowers

3D Monarch Butterfly

Fun Places for Kids

Are you a homeschooler living in or visiting Dallas? These are the best homeschool field trips in Dallas, Texas for kids of all ages.

Try some of these screen-free field trips with your kids!

Best Screen-Free Activities in Dallas

The Frisco Sci-Tech Discovery Center

Maker Space at Sci-Tech Discovery Center

DFW on a Budget

Educational Field Trips for Kids

Sarafi Run Plano: Fun and Fitness for Kids

Free Summer Art Programs in Dallas

STEM Activities for Kids

Need more science, technology, engineering, or math activities? You've come to the right place! These STEM activities for kids are fun and educational!

Don’t let STEM learning stop in the classroom. These STEM activities for kids will make your children instant STEM lovers.

31 Simple STEM Project Ideas

Water Desalinization Experiment

Soil Test STEM Activity

Paint Bombs STEM Experiment

PEEPS STEM Activities

Easy STEM Activity Ideas

Book Lists for Kids

Looking for educational screen-free activities for kids? These scree-free activity ideas are perfect for adding a bit of educational fun to your day.

Reading is a wonderful alternative to screen time. The books on these lists are some of the best books for kids of all ages.

Books for Kids Who Don’t Like Fiction

Sturdy Books for Destructive Toddlers

Fun Book Series for Early Readers

Children’s Series Like the Boxcar Children

10 Books about Peanuts

Middle-Grade Girl Power Book Series

Awesome Books for Middle-Grade Readers

Books for Kids Who Love Harry Potter

Action-Packed Books for Kids Who Love Adventure

Classic Books All Kids Should Read

Hands-On Learning Activities for Kids

Looking for easy STEM activities for kids? Look no further than this easy slime chemistry experiment!

Try these learning activities for kids to keep your kids brains active throughout the year. Who says learning has to be boring?

Science Activities for Kids

These screen-free activities for kids all have a science focus.

Oozy Glitter Slime

Ice Magnifying Glass

Light and Dark Seed Sprouting Science Experiment

Baking Soda Volcano

Diving Fish Science Experiment

Ivory Soap Science Experiment

Make a Magnifying Glass from Ice

Flower Dissection Science

How do Trees Make Oxygen? 

Soap-Powered Boat

Density Science Experiment

How Rain Falls

Epsom Salt Crystals

Summer Skies Flashlight Constellations

Puff Paint Cloud Types

Make a Desert Biome

Technology Activities for Kids

Technology doesn’t always involve a screen. These technology project ideas are screen-free and tons of fun.

3D Monarch Butterfly Model

Jellybean Stop-Motion Video

Design a Coin

Learn to Navigate like a Pirate

Map Skills for Kids

Magnifying Glass Discovery Tray

Engineering Activities for Kids

Engineering projects are fun way for kids to learn more about the world in a hands-on, screen-free way.

Egg Drop Engineering Challenge

Confetti Fireworks: Engineering for Kids

PEEPS Boat Engineering

Draw with a 3D Pen

Apple Stack Engineering

Testing the Strength of Aluminum Foil

Paper Airplane Engineering

Math Activities for Kids

Math does not have to be boring. Try these hands-on math games and activities today!

Dice Probability with Venn Diagrams

Cheerios Number Tracing

Gross Motor Number Hopscotch

Make a Play Store

Strawberry Math Clip Cards

Multiplication Arrays

Games for Kids

Use this printable game to teach colors to toddlers and preschoolers! The ice cream game teaches color identification in a fun, hands-on way.

These screen-free activities for kids will provide hours of games your kids will beg to play over and over again.

Play Dough Activities

These 31 days of STEM activities for kids will keep them learning and having fun. The volcano science experiment is a favorite!

Play dough is the ultimate tool for screen-free activities for kids of all ages. Even older kids love play dough!

Things to Do with Kids

Love the idea of science summer camp but don't have the funds? You can create your own DIY science camp for your kids with these summer science camp ideas!

Try these screen-free kids activities when you are tired of staying inside the house!

  • Visit a splash park
  • Visit a snow cone stand
  • Get frozen yogurt
  • Go on a treasure hunt
  • Ride bikes outdoors
  • Deliver baked goods to neighbors and friends
  • Get ice cream from an ice cream truck
  • Visit a local pool
  • Make your own water blob
  • Visit a new park
  • Play in the sprinkler
  • Make your own slip and slide 
  • Cook outdoors
  • Eat at a park
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk
  • Visit the library
  • Take a class at a local craft shop
  • Try a new summer camp
  • Host your own summer camp

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