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St. Patrick’s Day STEAM Activities for Elementary

There are so many St. Patrick’s day science experiments for elementary, but what about STEAM?

These St. Patrick’s Day STEAM activities for elementary are the perfect thing to try in the elementary classroom during the St. Patrick’s Day season!

Bring STEM to life with these fun STEAM challenges!

These St. Patrick's Day STEAM activities for elementary are the perfect thing to try in the elementary classroom during the St. Patrick's Day season!

St. Patrick’s Day STEAM Activities for Elementary

Keep scrolling to learn about what exciting St. Patrick’s Day STEAM activities you can try in your elementary classroom this year!

These activities are also fun to do at home!

Don’t forget to download the FREE St. Patrick’s STEM challenge set below!

st patrick stem challenges

How do ST. Patrick’s Day and STEAM Mix?

One of the things I never liked as a child is how alcohol-focused St. Patrick’s Day was. I felt left out as a kid.

Also, I really hated the tradition where you get pinched if you aren’t wearing green.

Once I tried claiming that I was wearing green underwear, but then the other kid asked to see it, so that was super embarrassing and I was lying anyway…

So yeah, St. Patrick’s Day and I didn’t have the best relationship growing up.

When my kids were old enough to start noticing the holiday, I wanted to do something fun with them that had nothing to do with food.

Since we love creative STEM activities, I thought it would be fun to create St. Patrick’s themed STEAM activities for my kids!

Each year, we do a few more projects and we’ve amassed quite the collection over the years! (you can see all of our ST. Patrick’s Day STEM activities here).

The St. Patrick’s Day STEAM Activity Bundle

easy steam activities st patricks day

This year, I decided to bundle some of our new activities together into a St. Patrick’s Day STEAM activity pack.

This activity bundle contains expanded instructions and STEAM tie-ins for all of our STEM activities ideas in the free set (linked below).

If you’re ready to pick up the bundle for yourself, you can get the St. Patrick’s Day STEM bundle here.

St. Patrick’s Day STEAM Activities for the Elementary Classroom

st patrick stem activities elementary

When it comes to STEAM activities for St. Patrick’s Day, we like to celebrate general Irish lore and of course, shamrocks and rainbows!

Here are the STEAM activities for St. Patrick’s Day that you’ll find in our bundle:

Magic Milk Science Experiment

In the magic milk science experiment, kids can learn about surface tension and the exact science behind how soap works to get rid of fat and grease on dishes and your hands!

Build a Circuit Rainbow

Building a circuit rainbow is a fun way to mix art with technology and learn about how circuits work along with the basics of electrical engineering.

We also have instructions for a circuit shamrock.

st patricks day steam activities

Design a Leprechaun Trap

Can you trap a leprechaun? Use our instructions to create the best design possible!

Design a Coin Vault

You have to keep coins safe from those pesky leprechauns! Design a vault to keep the coins you’ve earned safe!

Design a Coin

Designing a coin is a fun process that countries must do before they can make coins. Learn about the process and create your own coins!

Design a Leprechaun Hat

Maybe leprechauns need new hats. Design a new one for them and learn about the design process and how designers balance inventiveness with practicality!

st paddys day steam activities

Make Salt Crystal Pots of Gold

Crystals and rainbows are all part of the St. Patrick’s Day experience.

Learn how to make salt crystal pots of gold and explore the science of crystals and supersaturated solutions!

Calculate where to find the end of a rainbow

If you could visit the end of a rainbow, how long would it take to get there? Find out with math!

st patrick steam pack

Get the St. Patrick’s Day STEAM bundle!

The St. Patrick’s bundle has instructions and worksheets for all 8 of these STEM challenges plus STEAM extensions and the scientific explanations.

Kids have never learned this much from St. Patrick’s Day before!

Let me know what you think of these ST. Patrick’s Day STEM activities in the comments!

st patrick stem challenges

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