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St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be just about crafts! Bring some STEM activities for kids to the holiday with these hands-on St. Patrick’s Day STEM activities for kids!

St. Patrick’s Day does NOT have to be just for adults. This St. Patrick’s Day, bring the holiday into the classroom with these hands-on, super-fun St. Patrick’s Day STEAM activities for kids!

Kids will love learning about science, technology, engineering, and math with these fun, green, rainbow, shamrock, and leprechaun activities! So adorable and oh-so-fun!

My kids absolutely love the activities on this list and keep asking to do them over and over, even when it isn’t leprechaun season.

Over 50 fun, hands-on St. Patrick's Day STEM activities for kids! The trick of the Irish can help children learn about so many STEM themes!

The Best STEM Activities for ST. Patrick’s Day

If your kids love ST. Patrick’s Day, they will have a blast with these St. Patrick’s Day science and St. Patrick’s Day engineering activities. Learning has never been so fun!

What is a STEM Activity?

A STEM activity (sometimes called STEAM activities, too, if there is an art element) are activities for kids that include elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These four elements are the cornerstone of modern careers and scientific advancements.

Children can benefit from completing STEM activities not just because it helps them learn more in the STEM subjects, but also because it helps them see how these subjects are used in the real world.

As a side benefit, STEM activities help children learn to think creatively, logically, and critically about everything they do and see.


Kids can learn a lot with St. Patrick’s Day STEM activities. Young children can learn topics including:

  • Cause and effect
  • Volume
  • Reactions
  • Color mixing
  • Weight
  • Patterns
  • Counting
  • Sorting and classifying
  • Scientific terms
  • Math terms
  • Physics
  • Spatial awareness
  • The scientific method

The goal of STEM activities at the preschool and toddler level is to explore the world and learn the basics of the scientific method, the creative process, and how to tie all elements of science, technology, engineering, and math together. Sensory bins are the first path toward establishing a love of STEM topics that will last a lifetime.

In addition to establishing a love of science and exploration, St. Patrick’s Day STEM activities help children explore the world creatively and inspires them to ask the big questions that will one day change our world.

What Can Kids Learn with St. Paddy’s Day STEM Activities?

St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a holiday about rainbows and magic coins, but, you can definitely tie in the STEM elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into your St. Patrick’s Day fun! Learn about the science of rainbows, or engineer your own leprechaun trap!

There are tons of fun ways to learn and play using STEM thinking skills that will help prepare children for a lifetime of critical thinking and logic with these fun St. Patrick’s Day STEAM activities!  

Kids are naturally curious, and science and STEM is all about answering those questions that so many preschoolers have about the world.

Through touch, exploration, and research, even the youngest kids can learn a lot about science and how the world works.

Kids who are introduced to science and STEM from the start are more likely to have a love for STEM topics as they continue their school careers and enter into careers as an adult.

If you don’t want the mess of bins, you can also make science discovery bottles for your class for quick science learning.

st patrick stem challenges

The Benefit of Seasonal STEM Activities

You probably agree that STEM activities are important to do even with the youngest kids. But you may not want to try seasonal STEM activities with your class. There are tons of creative STEM activities  that you can do, and you’ll probably never run out of STEM challenges. So why bother with seasonal STEM?

I like doing seasonal STEM activities with my kids because it adds an educational element to our holiday celebrations.

Rather than just doing a seasonal craft, we do a few STEM activities that match the current season or holiday. Seasonal-based activities also provide a way to engage kids who might be reluctant to do science or STEM challenges on their own.

Some kids might not want to do a big project like our energy-efficient-window-science-fair-project. but they’d be perfectly happy to build a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick’s Day!

st patricks day activities for kids

STEM Activity Ideas for ST. Patrick’s Day

Kids will love these hands-on STEAM activity ideas for St. Patrick’s Day! Have a blast learning and exploring with these St. Patrick’s Day STEAM activities.

And of course you’ll want to check out these rainbow STEM activities.

St. Patrick’s Day Science Experiments

These St. Patrick’s Day science experiments will teach kids about rainbows, colors, density, chemical reactions, and a lot more. Find all our favorite science experiments for St. Patrick’s Day here. And here are more rainbow science experiments to try!

Make salt crystal rainbows in this easy tutorial on how to make crystals without borax.

Try this Rainbow Slime science experiment and mix fun with science!

Build your own Rainbow Density Jar!

Make this St. Patrick’s Day Slime and add coins for a fun twist!

This easy sensory slime recipe is a fun way to play with sensory and science at the same time with rainbows, green and other Irish colors!

Who knew science could be so bouncy? The DIY Bouncy Ball did!

Make a rainbow cloud in a jar and learn how clouds work.

Try the Magic Milk Rainbow science experiment and learn about surface tension.

This Fizzing Rainbow experiment is the perfect chemical reaction lesson for kids.

The Walking Rainbow Experiment is popular with kids of all ages.

Try this Rainbow Naked Eggs Experiment for more rainbow fun.

st patricks day stem activities

Learn about density when you make this bright and colorful sugar rainbow density tower.

The color changing flowers experiment turns flowers into fun, bright, rainbow colors!

This really is the best Fluffy Rainbow Slime recipe that we’ve ever found!

If you don’t have shaving cream, try the Glitter Rainbow Slime recipe.

Learn how to grow crystals with salt and celebrate the season with science with these fun pots of gold!

Learn how to flip a rainbow with this simple light refraction experiment.

St Patrick’s Day Technology Activities

These St. Patrick’s Day-themed technology activities teach the basics of coding, circuits, and more!

Make a light-up Circuit Shamrock in this circuits for kids activity!

Make a rainbow salt circuit and learn how electricity works this St. Patrick’s Day!

Try the complete list of St. Patrick’s Day Coding Activities for even more technology fun this St. Patrick’s Day.

Learn how to make an instant ice rainbow using technology.

St. Patrick’s Day Engineering Activities

Learn the basics of engineering with these adorable St. Patrick’s Day engineering activities!

Design and make a Perler Bead Rainbow.

The LEGO Rainbow challenge is harder than it looks!

Try the Leprechaun Trap STEM Activity and see if you can catch a leprechaun!

st patricks day stem challenges

St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities

Math is a lot more fun when St. Patrick’s Day is involved! St. Patrick’s Day math activities will delight your kids!

Learn about ratios fractions, and other math concepts in the kitchen with these rainbow recipes for kids.

Make a St. Patrick’s Day Math Tray.

Younger kids will enjoy Hands-On St. Patrick’s Day Math.

Try these St. Patrick’s Day Math Challenges for 2nd-5th Graders in elementary.

Shamrock Math brings a fun twist to math on St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

if you don’t want to be locked down to traditional STEM themes, try these St. Patrick’s Day activities!

Here are some St Patrick’s Day STEM sensory bins that little ones can explore this season.

Mix science, sensory, and fun together with these St Patrick’s Day slime recipes.

Try some of these St. Patrick’s Day fine motor activities with little ones to build hand strength and more!

Try these super adorable leprechaun crafts with your classroom or kiddos at home!

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