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20+ Colorful Science Experiments for St. Patrick’s Day for the Luckiest Students

Feeling lucky this St. Patrick’s Day? We love making our science experiments for kids seasonal and suited to every holiday. This time, we’ve made a list of easy science experiments for St. Patrick’s Day that are perfect for the home or classroom!

Add these St Patricks Day science experiments to your March calendar and have a blast with learning and science fun while completing St Patricks Day STEM activities.

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday to learn all about Irish culture, but why not add science in the mix? These fun and easy science experiments for St. Patrick’s Day make fun spring science experiments for elementary kids. #stemed #stemactivities #science #scienceexperiments #stpatricksday #stpatricksdayactivities

What are the Benefits of Seasonal Science Experiments?

With seasonal and holiday themed science experiments, kids can bring the somewhat nebulous field of science into the hands-on world of holidays and everyday experiences.

That’s why we love doing St. Patrick’s Day STEM projects with kids of all ages!

Kids can learn a lot with St. Patrick’s Day science experiments. Young children can learn topics including:

  • Cause and effect
  • Volume
  • Reactions
  • Color mixing
  • Weight
  • Patterns
  • Scientific terms
  • Physics
  • The scientific method

The goal of science experiments during elementary school is to explore the world and learn the basics of the scientific method, the creative process, and how to tie all elements of science together.

easy st patricks day science experiments

In addition to establishing a love of science and exploration, St. Patrick’s Day science experiments help children explore the world creatively and inspires the to ask the big questions that will one day change our world.

St. Patricks Day Science

St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a holiday about rainbows and magic coins, but, you can definitely tie a bit of science into your St. Patrick’s Day fun!

Learn about the science of rainbows, or engineer your own leprechaun trap! There are tons of fun ways to learn and play using science thinking skills that will help prepare children for a lifetime of critical thinking and logic with these fun St. Patrick’s Day science experiments! 

Kids are naturally curious, and science and elementary science is all about answering the questions that children have about the world.

Through touch, exploration, and research, even the youngest kids can learn a lot about science and how the world works.

Kids who are introduced to science from the start are more likely to have a love for STEM topics as they continue their school careers and enter into careers as an adult. Add these science experiments to the St. Patrick’s Day Activities you try this year.

st patrick stem challenges

The Number One Reason to Try St Patricks Day Science Activities with Your Class

You probably agree that science projects are important to do even with the youngest kids. But you may not want to try seasonal science experiments with your class.

There are tons of classic science fair projects  that you can do, and you’ll probably never run out of basic STEM activities for kids.

st patricks day science activities

So why bother with seasonal science experiments?

I like doing seasonal science experiments with my kids because it adds an educational element to our holiday celebrations.

Rather than just doing a seasonal craft, we do a few science projects that match the current season or holiday.

St. Patrick STEM Activity Resources for the Classroom

Here are some fun St. Patrick’s themed STEM products you can use with your students this March!

leprechaun trap and other st patricks day stem activities

St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities

unicorn magicoders game

MagiCoders Rainbow Unicorn Coding Kit

st patrick bingo

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Classroom Kit

diy kaleidoscope classroom steam kit

Kaleidoscope STEAM Kit for the Classroom

clixo rainbow stem pack

Clixo Rainbow Engineering Classroom Set

solar rainbow maker

Make a Rainbow Science Kit

disappearing rainbow science demonstration kit

Disappearing Rainbow Science Experiment

fools gold dig science kit

Fools Gold Science Dig Classroom Kit

leprechaun trap classroom kit

Leprechaun Trap STEM Classroom Kit

Seasonal-based activities also provide a way to engage kids who might be reluctant to do science challenges on their own.

Some kids might not want to conduct an energy efficient window science fair project but they’d be perfectly happy to try a leprechaun trap STEM activity for St. Patrick’s Day!

20+ Hands-On March Science Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Kids will have a blast with these March science experiments that are themed as hands-on St Patrick’s Day experiments.

Chemistry Science Experiments for St. Patrick’s Day

Chemistry is as mysterious as leprechaun magic! Try these fun science activities for St. Patrick’s Day that have a chemistry twist.

Learn about chemistry by making St Patricks Day slime.

Learn the science behind a making a DIY Bouncy Ball and discover density and chemical reactions.

Make your own Salt Crystal Rainbows and learn how to make crystals without borax. about molecular bonds.

Try this Clear Glue Rainbow Slime Recipe and learn about polymer chains.

Try the Unicorn Poop Slime Recipe and get magical this St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Books for the Classroom

Use these books about St. Patrick’s Day to supplement your St. Patrick STEM activities this March!

leprechaun trap and other st patricks day stem activities

St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities

exploring the elements gold book

Exploring the Elements: Gold

how to catch a leprechaun book

How to Catch a Leprechaun

say yes to elements book

Say Yes to Elements

the story behind st patricks day book

The Story Behind St. Patrick’s Day

rainbow science book

Rainbow Science

celebrations in my world st patricks day book

Celebrations in My World: St. Patrick’s Day

my country ireland book

My Country Ireland

light makes a rainbow book

Light Makes a Rainbow

exploring the elements gold book

Elements of Chemistry: Gold

Learn about acid and base reactions with Fizzing Rainbows Chemical Reactions.

Kids will have a blast with the Rainbow Bead sensory slime recipe!

Use these instructions on how to grow crystals with salt to make pots of gold covered in crystals!

Electricity Science Experiments for St. Patrick’s Day

Learn about electricity with these science experiments for St. Patrick’s Day and see just how lucky we are to have easy access to electrical devices.

Make your own Circuit Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day to easily teach circuits for kids.

Add these St. Patrick's Day science experiments to your March calendar and have a blast with learning and science fun!

Build a unicorn scribble bot and let a unicorn draw a rainbow for you!

Build a circuit unicorn horn craft and learn about electrical engineering and circuits.

Water Science Projects for St. Patrick’s Day

All of these science experiments can fit into a St. Patrick’s Day theme and are all about water!

Make Your Own Rainbow Density Jar by mixing different colorful liquids.

And just by changing how much sugar is in water, kids can easily make a colorful sugar rainbow density tower.

Try the rainbow walking water science activity and learn about capillary action.

st patrick stem challenges

Rainbow Science Experiments for St. Patrick’s Day

Here are some fun rainbow-themed science experiments for St. Patrick’s Day!

Try the cloud in a jar science activity and learn how clouds work.

The Magic Milk Rainbow Science Experiment is the perfect experiment for St. Patrick’s Day!

Do the Color Changing Flowers Experiment and learn how flowers get water.

The Rainbow Slime recipe is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day science.

St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Decorations

Here are some fun St. Patrick’s Day classroom decorations you can add to your classroom this March for festive flair and St. Paddy’s Day pride!

st patricks day wreath

St Patrick’s Day Door Wreath for the Classroom

st patricks day pot of gold classroom decoration

Pot of Gold Tinsel Tabletop Decoration

st patricks day pot of gold rainbow welcome sign

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Welcome Sign

st patricks classroom decorating kit

St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Door Decorations

st patricks day window clings

St. Patrick’s Day Window Clings for the Classroom

st patricks day door decoration kit

St. Patrick’s Day Door Decorations for the Classroom

rainbow ceiling banner

Pot of Gold and Rainbow Ceiling Hanging

st patricks classroom decorating kit

Lucky Hanging St. Patrick’s Decorations

st patrick classroom decorating kit

St. Patrick’s Day Banner Decoration Set

st patricks day decorating kit for classroom

Colorful St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Decoration Bundle

And check out even more St. Patrick’s Day teaching resources below!

Older kids will have a blast making a light up shamrock.

Of course, you won’t want to miss making rainbow slime for ST. Patrick’s Day! You can also try this glitter rainbow slime recipe or this fluffy rainbow slime recipe.

Color Science Experiments for St. Patrick’s Day

Here are some St. Patrick’s Day science experiments that focus on color theory and science!

Young kids will love the preschool color mixing flower activity.

The Unicorn Color Changing Discovery Bottle shows kids how color mixing works.

The Hot and Cold water density science experiment is an astounding example of how temperature has different densities.

Teacher Apparel for St. Patrick’s Day

Here are some of the cutest shirts you can wear for St. Patrick’s Day at school!

clover socks

Clover Socks

black clover socks

Black Clover Socks

rainbow slouch socks

Rainbow Slouchy Socks

sequin clover

Sequin Clover St. Patrick’s Day Teacher Shirt

shenanigans coordinator teacher shirt

Shenanigans Coordinator St. Patrick’s Day Teacher Shirt

lucky charms teacher shirt

My Students are Lucky Charms St. Patrick’s Day Teacher Shirt

inclusion st patricks day teacher shirt

Inclusive St Patrick’s Day Teacher Shirt

lucky dandilion teacher shirt

Lucky Clover St. Patrick’s Day Teacher Shirt

have a lucky day teacher shirt

Have a Lucky Day Teacher Shirt for St. Patrick’s Day

st patricks day alphabet teacher shirt

Irish Alphabet St. Paddy’s Teacher Shirt

math clover teacher shirt

St. Patrick’s Day Shirt for Math Teachers

one lucky teacher teacher shirt

One Lucky Teacher St. Patrick’s Day Shirt

Physics Science Experiments for St. Patrick’s Day

Complete this Leprechaun Trap STEM activity and try to catch a leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Coding Activities give a fun coding twist to St. Patrick’s Day learning!

Printable St Patricks Day STEM Science Activities

Print out these St Patricks Day science worksheets and try a whole large variety of printable St Patricks Day STEM activities and extensions.

STEM Classroom Decorations and Bulletin Boards

Here are some fun STEM themed classroom decorations and bulletin boards that will make any classroom more fun!

science cell posters

Cell Model Posters

science has all the solutions class decorating kit

Science Has All the Solutions Decorating Kit

what is a scientist bulletin board

What is a Scientist Decorating Kit

science all around us bulletin board

Science is All Around Us Decorating Kit

science posters

Scientific Method Classroom Posters

science matters classroom decorations

Scientific method posters

science bulletin board classroom set

Science sayings bulletin board decor

forces of motion bulletin board classroom set

Forces of motion bulletin board set

science lab safety rules

Science lab safety rules

we are steam powered classroom decoration kit

STEAM bulletin board set

science bulletin board set for the classroom

Scientific thinking bulletin board set

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