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Magical Love Potion Valentine Slime Recipe

Slime is such a fun gift to give, which makes valentine slime so popular! When making Valentines Day Slime and valentine slime recipes, make this valentine glitter slime as a valentine slime gift for students, classmates, and friends! Let’s kick things up a notch in feeling the season of love. Forget boring science lessons today, make STEM and science fun with this love potion themed valentine slime recipe!

Forget boring science  lessons today, make STEM and science fun with this love potion themed valentine slime recipe!

Follow these directions to make Valentines Day slime! It’s the best Valentines Day slime that we’ve found and an easy to make valentine slime that kids of all ages can make and gift to friends!

How to Make Valentine Slime

Making homemade slime is a process that can easily go wrong, but if you follow the directions in this post exactly, you can make Valentine slime that will turn out perfectly and delight friends and family of all ages.

How do you make Valentine’s Day slime?

Making Valentine slime is easy! For Valentine slime, all you have to do is mix equal parts Elmer’s glitter glue and Elmer’s slime activator.

Adding some baking soda can add additional texture to the slime, and adding little plastic hearts make the slime into a true love potion slime!

Slime Science for Kids

Wondering how slime is formed? Here is the science behind our Valentine slime recipe that we’re making today.

The main ingredient in slime is something called a polymer.

Polymers are long chains of molecules that are flexible and can stretch.

In slime, we use a type of polymer called polyvinyl alcohol or PVA. When you mix PVA with water, it forms the base of your slime.

Imagine you have a bunch of strands of spaghetti in a bowl. If you add something sticky like glue to the spaghetti, it would stick them together.

In slime, we use something similar called a cross-linking agent. Borax or liquid starch are common cross-linking agents. They help the polymer strands stick together, creating the slimy texture we love.

Viscosity is a fancy word that describes how thick or thin a liquid is. Slime has a unique viscosity—it’s thick and gooey, but it can also stretch and flow.

This is because of the way the polymer chains and cross-linking agents interact.

When you play with slime, you can feel its viscosity as you stretch it and watch it ooze between your fingers.Slime behaves like what scientists call a non-Newtonian fluid.

This means its viscosity changes depending on the force applied to it. If you slowly pull slime, it stretches easily like a thick liquid.

But if you pull it quickly or hit it, it can act more like a solid, resisting the force. This is why slime can bounce and even break apart when you pull it quickly.

So, when you make and play with slime, you’re exploring the science of polymers, cross-linking, viscosity, and non-Newtonian fluids—all while having a lot of fun!

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More Valentine Slime Ideas

If you need more Valentines Day slime recipes, check out these Valentines slime recipes that are suitable for kids with a wide variety of interests and themes!

What do I need to make Valentine slime?

Nothing’s more frustrating than last-minute supply searches, right? To save you from that stress, consider planning ahead and finding budget-friendly options.

Check local craft stores for sales or discounts, and don’t shy away from online platforms that offer bulk deals. Keep an eye out for everyday household items that can serve as substitutes.

Take a look at our list of stuff you’ll need to get to do your own love potion Valentine slime to get you prepped and ready!

valentine stem challenges
6 4

Fun Facts about Love Potion Valentine Slime

Did you know that the color of your slime can impact your mood? Or that astronauts once conducted experiments with slime in space?

Borax, a common slime activator, was first discovered in the dry lake beds of Tibet. It has been used for various purposes throughout history, including as a cleaning agent and a component in pottery.

The main ingredient in slime, often a polymer like polyvinyl acetate (found in glue), forms long chains that give slime its unique stretchy and gooey properties.

The color of your slime can impact your mood! For example, blue is often associated with calmness and tranquility, while red can evoke feelings of passion and excitement.

The term “slime” was first mentioned in the context of children’s play in a 1976 book titled “How to Make Slime” by Susan Spigarelli.

You can make slime magnetic by incorporating iron oxide powder into the mixture. This allows you to manipulate the slime using a magnet.

Some slimes can be made entirely edible! Ingredients like marshmallows, cornstarch, and flavored extracts can be used to create a safe and tasty slime.

Hi there, scholars! We're going to take a fantastical scientific trip into the realm of Love Potion Valentine's Day Slime today.

Adding thermochromic pigments to slime allows it to change color with temperature variations. Imagine the delight of seeing your slime transform at the touch of your hand!

In 2019, astronauts aboard the International Space Station conducted an experiment to see how slime behaves in microgravity. The results provided insights into fluid dynamics in space.

Slime has gained so much popularity that there are now slime festivals and conventions where enthusiasts gather to share their creations, attend workshops, and even participate in slime competitions.

The largest batch of slime ever made weighed a whopping 6,318 kilograms (13,934 pounds) and was created in the United Kingdom in 2018.

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Wearing a fun shirt, decorating the classroom with red and pink decorations, and doing other fun Valentine’s Day activities will make Valentine’s Day about more than just cardboard Valentines and candy.

STEM Extension Ideas to Use While Making Slime

Beyond the enchanting gooiness, we’ll explore scientific phenomena, harness technology, delve into engineering marvels, embrace design thinking, and unravel mathematical mysteries.

Have students record observations, measurements, and predictions throughout the slime-making process. Encourage them to use scientific notation and draw diagrams.

Explore the engineering aspect by designing and 3D printing custom molds for slime shapes. Students can learn about the design process and experiment with different mold designs.

Turn slime-making into a mathematical modeling activity. Ask students to predict the ideal ratios of ingredients for the perfect slime and create graphs or charts to represent their findings.

Valentines Day Slime Sample 5 10

Experiment with the impact of temperature on slime consistency. Have students create slimes at different temperatures and analyze how it affects the texture, stretchiness, and overall properties of the slime.

Focus on precision in measurement. Challenge students to create the most accurate slime by precisely measuring ingredients using different units. Discuss the importance of accuracy in STEM disciplines.

Explore the science of sensory perception. Have students conduct experiments to test how different textures, colors, or scents in the slime impact people’s sensory experiences.

Challenge students to explore alternative slime activators. Discuss the science behind various activators like contact lens solution, saline solution, or laundry detergent. Encourage them to design their own safe and effective activator.

Get the instructions to make the dancing candy heart experiment here!

Discuss the environmental impact of slime ingredients. Challenge students to design eco-friendly slime recipes using sustainable or biodegradable materials, promoting awareness of the environmental aspects of STEM.

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Here are some fun STEM teaching resources for Valentine’s Day that you can use in the classroom.

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More Valentine Ideas for Kids

Explore a world of endless possibilities with our curated links for more activities and related ideas! Whether you’re seeking additional slime adventures, STEM challenges, or thematic projects, these resources are your gateway to a treasure trove of creative and educational endeavors.

valentine stem challenges

Love Potion Valentine Lesson Plan

Transform slime fun into a full STEM lesson plan!

The activity seamlessly integrates STEM elements, turning the slime-making experience into a multidimensional adventure that captivates both the heart and the mind.

Print this lesson plan to transform your valentine slime recipe into a Valentine’s Day STEM lesson for kids!

How to Make Valentines Slime

How to Make Valentines Slime

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: $5

Follow along with this easy recipe to make Valentine slime that is filled with glitter and hearts and looks like a fun Love Potion that students can use to initiate friendships between classmates!


  • Elmer's Glitter Glue
  • Baking Soda
  • Elmer's Slime Activator
  • Red Plastic Hearts


  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Plastic bowls
  • Plastic forks for stirring
  • Slime containers


  1. It’s time to get sticky! Start off by grabbing your glue and empty it into a large bowl. 1 6
  1. Afterward, pour approximately ¼ cup of warm water into the empty glue bottle until it's about one-third full, then securely seal the lid. Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the remaining glue with the water. Transfer the mixture into the bowl containing glue and stir until well combined. 2 7
  2. Next, add the baking soda to the glue and stir to mix thoroughly. 3 7
  3. Now you can get creative! Feel free to put additional glitter, food coloring, scents, or confetti. Make sure to stir it into the glue mixture before adding the slime activator. 4 4
  4. Let’s put our love potion to life! Add slime activator to the glue mixture and stir well. Add the slime activator slowly, mixing between additions, and add only enough to bring the glue together into a soft ball. Valentines Day Slime Sample 5 12
  5. Things are just about to get even more fun! Remove the slime from the bowl. The slime will be sticky. Begin to play with the slime, stretching or kneading it as you would bread dough, to bring the slime together. The slime is ready when it is no longer sticky. 6 4
  6. Voila! Your very own Love Potion Valentines Day Slime is complete!. Valentines Day Slime Sample 5 10


Store your slime in an airtight container in a cool, dry place when not in use.

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