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STEM Activities for 1st Grade

Looking for first grade STEM activities? These STEM activities for 1st grade are the perfect place to find first grade STEM lesson plans that you can use in the classroom or at home!

STEM activities for kids are a fun way to do hands-on learning with first graders. There is so much that kids can learn with STEM activities, and first graders love asking questions about the world.

Keep reading to find activity ideas for first grade STEM about light and sound, earth science, space, weather, plants, animals, and more!

Looking for first grade STEM activities? These STEM activities for 1st grade are the perfect place to find first grade STEM lesson plans that you can use in the classroom or at home!

What are 1st Grade STEM Projects?

A STEM project is an integrated activity that includes elements of science, technology, engineering, and math (usually 2 or more).

If your child is doing a traditional science fair project, then it is most likely a STEM project. Science fair projects usually require science, technology, and math, and many of them also include engineering!

In general, a project that encourages kids to learn more about the world using a hands-on approach is a STEM project. If an element of art or design is included, it’s a STEAM art activity!

You don’t have to overthink STEM at a first grade level. Just exploring science and the world is enough to experience STEM in first grade!

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How to Setup a First Grade STEM Activity

easy 1st grade stem projects

Setting up a first grade STEM activity is easy.

You’ll want to have a working knowledge of the science behind the activity before introducing it to your child.

If you’re a teacher, it’s easy enough to find a hands-on STEM activity to go along with state science standards or national science standards.

Find a spot in your home or classroom that can get a bit messy (we like a bit of mess in our hands-on science activtities!). Set everything up, then introduce the concept to the kids.

After the introduction of concept, let the kids do their own experimenting to the best of their abilities. Sometimes this means that the focus of the experiment will change, which is OK and all part of the learning process.

Make sure to have a period of reflection about the science activity once completed. This can be something written down or just an informal discussion.

If you’re following along with Next Generation Science Standards, check out our list of first grade NGSS lesson plans.

If you’re setting up first grade STEM projects at home, read our series on STEM at home!

Where to Buy STEM Supplies for First Grade

Here are some of our favorite STEM supplies for first grade! We get most of our supplies on Amazon, but you can also look at Target and other teaching stores!

My Favorite STEM Products for the Preschool Classroom

These STEM products are perfect for the preschool STEM classroom!


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first grade stem activities
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The Complete List of 1st Grade STEM Lesson Plans

Keep reading to find our favorite 1st grade stem lesson plans broken down by topic.

First Grade Sound and Light STEM Activities

The bending a pencil experiment teaches first grade kids about light refeaction.

For another fun light experiment, try the everse an arrow experiment (video).

Find out how air can change how light works with the magic silver egg experiment.

Light a lightbulb with a balloon for a fun experiment on electricity!

Try the sound vibrations experiment for a quick demonstration of sound waves.

1st Grade Plant STEM Activities

Make a 3d rose model and learn about the parts of plants.

Try growing seeds in the eggshell garden experiment.

In this seed germination experiment kids will find out what kind of soil is best for sprouting seeds.

Find out where wildflowers come from in this fun worksheet pack.

1st Grade Animal STEM Activities

first grade stem projects

What do cows eat? Find out in this interesting study on a cow’s stomach!

Make fluffy bunny slime and learn about rabbits!

Do a cartisan diver experiment and learn how fish rise and sink.

First Grade Weather STEM Activities

Make your own tornado in a jar.

Learm about the types of clouds and make puffy paint clouds!

Find out how clouds form and what they are made of.

Make rain in a jar and learn about the water cycle.

Discover How frost forms.

1st Grade Space STEM Activities

Try making Solar System Slime!

Make a Clay Planet Mobile to display in the classrooom.

These Planet suncatchers are made from melted pony beads.

Discover stars and the night sky indoors with Flashlight constellations.

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1st Grade Earth Science STEM Activities

Make Edible tectonic plates.

Learn how crystals form in this Borax crystal science project.

Make your own Galaxy sugar crystals.

Learn about currents and density (and color mixing!) with the Hot and cold tempearture density experiment.

All first graders need to make a Baking soda and vinegar volcano!

Seasonal STEM Activities for 1st Grade

Check out this list of seasonal STEM activities for 1st grade!

First graders will love these Thanksgiving STEM Activities for 1st Grade!

Kids will love these Christmas STEM activities for 1st grade.

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More Activities for 1st Grade

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1st Grade STEM Challenges

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